RE: BitSource - Rackspace Cloud Servers versus Amazon EC2: Performance Analysis

The BitSource was recently hired by to conduct a performance comparison between EC2 and Rackspace Cloud. The full details of their analysis are available here. Here is a summary of their findings:

On CPU Performance

On average, Cloud Servers was more than twice as fast as Amazon EC2 at compiling the Linux kernel across all instance sizes

On Disk I/O

Disk I/O results show that Cloud Servers consistently have much better write and random write performance than EC2 across most sizes

They used a combination of IOZone and Linux kernel compiling to conduct their analysis. Here our opinion on this (also commented at the bottom of their article):


We've also compared EC2 and Rackspace performance using geekbench, specjvm, hdparm, mysqlbench and unixbench with one example result set:

Instance Type Geekbench hdparm SPECjvm mysqlbench unixbench
Rackspace 4GB 2841 165 MB/sec 51.99 1330 wallclock seconds 777
EC2 m1.large 3113 65 MB/sec 36.51 1327 wallclock seconds 663